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iSmartAlarm Spot Plus ISC5P (EU+UK plugs) White
iSmartAlarm Spot Plus ISC5P (EU+UK plugs) White ISC5P iSmartAlarm No Yes CL109:5:2017-04-01 1.00 pc(s) 0.30 kg 150.00 mm White Night vision Yes 50 x 50 x 56 mm Spot Plus ISC5P (EU+UK plugs) Yes No 1080p HD streaming video. Automatic (event-based) AND manual recording. Free cloud and local video storage. In-app multi-camera split screen view. Watch recorded video from anywhere. On-The-Go mode for recording away from home. Sound recognition of smoke and carbon monoxide sirens Works with the iSmartAlarm Smart Home Security System. Works with IFTTT and voice control enabled with Amazon Alexa. 80.00 mm 70.00 mm 0.00 m³ 0.20 kg 0.10 kg 100.00 g
iSmartAlarm Smart IP camera iCamera Keep
iSmartAlarm Smart IP camera iCamera Keep ISC3 iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep 180 x 158 x 96 mm 525 g 9W in operation, 2W dormant 100m in open space -10°C - 50°C No Yes 185.00 mm 160.00 mm 96.00 mm CL109:5:2017-04-01 240.00 g 1.00 pc(s) 0.00 m³ 0.24 kg iCamera Keep Y Smart IP camera Field of view: 77.5° ° 100m in open space mm The iCamera KEEP combines HD resolution, motion and audio detection, night vision, and on-demand streaming video with FREE cloud video recording to provide your family control and visibility of your home at any time. Manage what you see with 350° x 40° motorized pan and tilt controls on your smartphone and record any activity (whether it's of an emergency or your kids doing something cute) based on settings you choose. The iCamera KEEP HD video home security camera is designed to work as a Wi-Fi security camera, and also linked to the iSmartAlarm Home Security System. With 1280x720 HD resolution, motion and sound detection, 4x digital zoom, and on-demand streaming video control and free cloud video storage, the iCamera KEEP provides comprehensive home visibility with no monthly fees and no contracts. The motorized base allows for wide range pan and tilt, IR lights for high resolution night vision, and the system allows up to 10 iSmartAlarm cameras to be linked with a CubeOne for visibility of the whole home through our award winning and easy-to-use app. The iCamera KEEP is AC-powered and can be quickly and easily mounted on a wall or set on a shelf or table. 24 month(s) 0.60 kg 0.84 kg 525 g g iCamera Keep 180 x 158 x 96 mm mm up to 1280 x 720 (720p) HD 9W in operation, 2W dormant W Field of view: 77.5° ° 30°C ± 2 ≤85% ± 5 up to 1280 x 720 (720p) HD Field of view: 77.5° 350° x 40° pan and tilt; Night vision; Streaming on-demand video control from your smartphone. -10°C - 50°C °C 30°C ± 2 ≤85% ± 5 %