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ZIPATO Bulb 2 E27 9.5W Z-Wave
ZIPATO Bulb 2 E27 9.5W Z-Wave RGBW2.EU ZIPATO 24 month(s) 0.15 kg 0.10 kg Bulb 2 E27 9.5W Bulbs Zipato Bulb 2 with dimmer makes home lighting more fun and comfortable. With Zipato Bulb 2, you can control color and intensity of home lights from the convenience of your smartphone, or other Z-Wave enabled controller. It has separate warm white, cold white and color LEDs. This allows you to create both colorful light environments and regular white lighting, which is easily customizable from an iOS or Android smartphone. Depending on the variant, bulb fits into regular E276, E27 and B22 socket and is able to produce light intensity comparable to 60W incandescent bulb. 80.00 mm 110.00 mm 25.00 g No Yes 1.00 pc(s) 0.00 m³ 0.05 kg CL109:5:2017-04-01 80.00 mm Z-Wave STANDARD Physical E27 standard. POWER SUPPLY INPUT EU 220-240V, 50/60Hz. POWER 9.5W. LIFETIME 25000h. LUMEN 806 lm 868.4 MHz Wireless 230V ZW5
ZIPATO Indoor Siren with LED Z-Wave
ZIPATO Indoor Siren with LED Z-Wave NE-NAS-AB02Z.EU ZIPATO 97.00 mm 51.00 mm 0.12 kg 86.00 mm 0.08 kg 1.00 pc(s) 34.00 g No Yes PROTOCOL Z-Wave Plus POWER CR123A x 2; External power supply 5V 1-2A miniUSB. OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F to 104°F) MAX TRANSMITTING POWER: 4dBm RANGE Minimum 50 meters indoor 70 meters outdoor (meant for indoor use only) DIMENSIONS DEVICE DIMENSIONS: 68 x 68 x 33 mm PACKAGE DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 50 x 85 x 95 mm PACKAGE WEIGHT: 92 g FREQUENCY 868.4 MHz (EU) REGULATION CE RoHS CL109:5:2017-04-01 CL127:KT:2016-12-09 CL126:NE:2016-12-09 Battery 0.05 kg 0.04 kg 0.00 m³ Z-Wave Indoor Siren with LED Home safety. When the siren is triggered, LED light will flash, and there will be an alarm sound at the same time. The sound level is at least 115 dB. Indoor multichannel siren that works with a a variety of Z-Wave networks/controllers, regardless of the manufacturer The new Z-Wave 500 series chip supports multichannel operation and higher data rates (9.6/40/100kbps) 115db sound level 10 types of sound Power supply: CR123A x 2 Battery overcharge protection Very low power consumption Over-the-air firmware update Tamperproof protection
ZIPATO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Z-Wave
ZIPATO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Z-Wave HM-HS1CA-Z.EU ZIPATO 24 month(s) 0.08 kg 0.04 kg Carbon Monoxide Sensor The new ZigBee chip supports multichannel operation and higher data rates. Sound and ZigBee alerts on smoke detection Built-in sound alarm. Low power consumption Low battery auto report Easy installation and relocation OPERATING VOLTAGE 3V. ALARM CURRENT 60 mA. STANDBY CURRENT 20 uA. OPERATION TEMPERATURE -10°C ~ 50°C. ALARM SOUND 85Db (1m distance). Range : up to 30 meters indoor; up to 70 meters outdoor (designed for indoor use only). Z-Wave CR123A CR123A, 1400mAh 60 x 60 x 50 mm 30 m Sensors 868.4 MHz Wireless up to 30 meters indoor up to 70 meters outdoor (designed for indoor use only) m
ZIPATO Zipabox 2 Controller (without 3G, KNX, 433Mhz, Security,...
ZIPATO Zipabox 2 controller, Z-Wave Plus, EU ZB2.MAIN ZIPATO No Yes 1 pc(s) 0.4 kg 120 mm 120 mm 8.6 cm 4.8 cm 8.6 cm 24 month(s) 0.064 GB 0.128 GB Yes Yes Yes Our most popular controller has just been boosted with a stronger inside powered by Quad Core 1.3GHz CPU. And also with some additional options inside such as a backup battery, USB port, WiFi, Bluetooth, and PoE. Enjoy the benefits of a connected smart home with the Zipabox2. This next-generation controller connects seamlessly to a vast array of smart devices so you can profit from energy savings, protect your home and control who has access. You can also set temperature comfort levels and much more. Its modular nature enables you to extend its functionality with support for most existing home automation protocols such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, EnOcean, 433 Mhz, KNX. It comes included with easy-to-use but a powerful web-based interface where you can monitor all connected devices and create your own automation scenarios using Zipato Rule Creator. CAT6 1.5 m LAN Cable, antenna Z-Wave Zipabox 2 Controller SYSTEM ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core 1.3GHz CPU 256MB RAM 4GB Flash NETWORK Ethernet 100BASE-TX WiFi 802.11 bgn Bluetooth 4.0 Radio module (Z-Wave, ZigBee HA, EnOcean, 433 MHz, etc…)* OPERATING SYSTEM Linux (4.x Kernel) POWER Input: 9-12VDC Internal backup battery (900mAh) Supply input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Usage: Idle: 1.2W, Max: 2.4 Power over Ethernet* ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature Range: Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) Storage: -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F) Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing ACCESSORIES CAT5e UTP patch LAN Cable Antenna (Z-Wave, ZigBee HA, EnOcean, 433 MHz, etc…)* PHYSICAL DIMENSION 86 (L) x 86 (W) x 47 (H) millimeters 3.4 (L) x 3.4 (W) x 1.9 (H) inches LEDS 2 programmable buttons 2 programmable green LEDs 1 programmable RGB LEDs I/O USB 2.0 REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Safety: UL EMC: FCC, CE RoHS CONTROL INTERFACE iOS Android Web 86mm (L) x 86mm (W) x 48mm (H) mm 0.208 GHz White Central Unit UL, FCC, CE Home Automation. Energy Monitoring. Home remote control. Video surveillance management and more… Z-Wave Plus 868.4 Mhz 120 mm 0.001728 m³ 0.3 kg 0.1 kg Z-Wave 230V