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DJI Ronin-SC Focus Motor

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Toote kood:
Gross depth (mm):
86.00 mm
Gross height (mm):
148.00 mm
Gross weight:
0.17 kg
Gross width (mm):
56.00 mm
Net weight:
0.17 kg
Packing quantity:
1.00 pc(s)
Compatible products:
DJI Ronin
Volume (m3):
0.00 m³
Embeeded battery:
WEEE tax:
Producer product name:
Ronin-SC Focus Motor
Other features:
ull focus while balancing your camera on the Ronin-SC gimbal with this Focus Motor from DJI. Designed specifically for use with the Ronin-SC, the motor features a standard 0.8 MOD gear, a gear belt to affix around your camera lens, and a 12mm rod and rod clamp to mount onto your Ronin-SC. The motor comes with an RSS splitter to connect it to the camera and the camera control port, so you can use the Ronin-SC focus wheel to remotely control your camera's focus.
Technical features:
Maximum Torque 0.2 Nm. Maximum Speed 100 rpm. Gear: Motor: 0.8 MOD, 40 Teeth. Gear: 0.8 MOD, 151 Teeth. Operating Current: Free Current: 50 mA, 5 V. Stall Current: 1.2 A, 5 V. Operating Voltage 5 V. Noise 25 dB. Rod Support 12 mm. Operating Temperature -20 to 45°C. Dimensions: Motor: 71 x 47 x 34 mm. Gear Diameter: 30 to 110 mm. Gear Length: 37.7 cm. Weight 88 g.
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