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DJI Inspire 2 Part35 Battery Insulation Sticker

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Toote kood:
Gross depth (mm):
110 mm
Gross height (mm):
5 mm
Gross weight:
0.02 kg
Gross width (mm):
110 mm
Net weight:
0.01 kg
Packing quantity:
1 pc(s)
Tare weight (kg):
0.01 kg
Volume (m3):
0.0000605 m³
Producer product name:
Inspire 2 Battery Insulation Sticker
Other features:
Keep your Inspire 2 Intelligent Flight Battery warm during cold weather use with this pack of Battery Insulation Stickers from DJI. These stickers ensure the flight battery stays above 68 degrees, ensuring proper battery performance. Two stickers are included.
Compatible products:
Inspire 2 TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery
Technical features:
For TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery Keeps Battery Warm During Cold Weather Two Stickers Included
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