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LOGILINK UA0298 USB Audio Adapter, silver

tarneaeg 2-3 päeva
5 tükki
€4.57 €4.48
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Toote kood:
Packing quantity:
1 pc(s)
Gross weight:
0.02 kg
Gross depth (mm):
80 mm
Gross width (mm):
100 mm
Gross height (mm):
20 mm
Volume (m3):
0.00016 m³
Net weight:
0.01 kg
Tare weight (kg):
0.01 kg
Erilised funktsioonid:
Audio adapter for USB port Connector: USB-A 2.0 male Output microphone: 3.5 mm jack Input speaker: 3.5 mm jack Simulates surround sound effects Plug & Play. LogiLink USB sound card provides an easy way speaker, microphone and headset with your PC. It is connected as with the USB port on your computer and supports plug and play. A perfect solution to bypass a faulty sound card or audio port! The adapter simulated a surround sound with the integrated sound effects. Suitable for computer, MacBook and Ultrabook.
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