Avaleht / E-pood / Goobay 68709 CAT 5e network cable, SF/UTP, grey, 100 m

Goobay 68709 CAT 5e network cable, SF/UTP, grey, 100 m

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Toote kood:
1.00 g
Packing quantity:
1.00 pc(s)
Gross weight:
2.74 kg
Gross depth (mm):
200.00 mm
Gross width (mm):
200.00 mm
Gross height (mm):
140.00 mm
53.00 g
Embeeded battery:
Volume (m3):
0.01 m³
Net weight:
2.70 kg
Tare weight (kg):
0.04 kg
Cat 5E, SF/UTP
Other features:
CCA copper mixture for SOHO applications, AWG 24/1 (solid), PVC non-terminated data-/installationca ble for proccessing and installation with LSA connection technology for Home/ indoor using double shielded twisted-pair LAN cable outer shield: braiding + foil screening Meets requirements for SOHO applications (Small Office, Home Office) up to a max. transmission length of 70 m! Technical specifications Performance Fire class (CPR) according to DIN EN 13501-6 Eca Cable Cable type round cable Specification CAT 5e Shielding class SF/UTP AWG 24/1 (solid) Meter scaling yes Cable sheath diameter (approx.) 5.7 mm Inner conductor material CCA (copper-clad aluminium) Material cable sheath PVC Cable length 100 m Number of shieldings 2 x Type 1, shielding foil (aluminium) Type 2, shielding braid (aluminium) Signal transmission max. bandwidth 100 MHz Impedance 100 Ω General Consumption Unit 1 pc. cable reel Color grey Markings ECA_CPR, SOHO, SOHO_70
WEEE tax:
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