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Goobay 59227 Tool-free RJ45 network connector CAT 6A UTP unshielded

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Toote kood:
1.00 g
Packing quantity:
1.00 pc(s)
Gross weight:
0.02 kg
Gross depth (mm):
30.00 mm
Gross width (mm):
50.00 mm
Gross height (mm):
15.00 mm
Embeeded battery:
Volume (m3):
0.00 m³
Net weight:
0.01 kg
Tare weight (kg):
0.01 kg
Other features:
for 3 different cable OD: up to 5.2mm/ 6.4mm/ 7.5mm UTP unshielded with strain relief with cable reducer that can be used for three different cable diameters: up to 5.2 mm/6.4 mm/7.5 mm for stranded and solid inner conductor (AWG 22 to 26) easy and tool-free assembly simply press down on the connector housing supports transmission rates on the order of gigabits cable contacts marked in colour Technical specifications Connections Connection, type RJ45 male (8P8C) Connection 2, type for IDC connectors (toolless) Connection, contact material gold-plated 3µ Cable Specification CAT 6a Shielding class UTP Signal transmission max. bandwidth 500 MHz General Consumption Unit 1 pc. in polybag Length 52 mm Width 15 mm Height 15 mm
53.00 g
WEEE tax:
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