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Sparco Gaming chair, Comp V, Black/Red

tarneaeg 2-3 päeva
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€605.03 €574.78
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Toote kood:
24 month(s)
Gross weight:
28.00 kg
Net weight:
25.00 kg
Adjustable backrest:
Adjustable arms:
type 4D with multi-directional movement
Product name:
Comp V
Product family:
Gaming chair
Other features:
The Comp gaming seat is the "luxury" model of the SPARCO® Gaming range of products. It is available in two versions: Carbonio (or carbon fibre) and Vetroresina (or fiberglass). The gaming seat comes with a fibreglass backrest painted in glossy black finish, and reflects the design and comfort of the SPARCO® SPX seat. The gaming seat is upholstered in Alcantara® and synthetic leather, and allows the user to adjust the seat height and angle. The backrest reclines and provides fine lumbar adjustment. Comp V is upholstered with a sturdy fabric and has a mechanism that stops it from tipping over by preventing the back from reclining by more than 150°. Moreover, it also comes with a rocking mechanism and a polished aluminium base with an SGS / BIFMAX5.1 / EN1335 certified piston and 5 sturdy wheels. A TPU footboard prevents the feet from slipping while using the gaming seat.
Weight (max):
120 kg
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