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LENOVO ThinkPlus ePac 3YR Depot

LENOVO ThinkPlus ePac 1YR Depot to 3YR Depot
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tarneaeg 4-5 päeva
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tarneaeg 4-5 päeva
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Lenovo Warranty Services present a wide variety of break-fix warranty servcie plans for all Lenovoo machines. Extend service terms to match depreciation schedule or planned PC refresh cycle and upgrade to preffered service comfort level. Fixed-term, fixed-cost service solutions allowing to accurately predict equipment expenses over the term of coverage. • Warranty Upgrades allow you to vary response time and level of service to match your critical support needs. Please note that response times are objectives and not guaranteed.
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For Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431, E531, E445, E545; Thinkpad E440, E540
Number of years:
3 year(s)
Lenovo Warranty Upgrade from 1year Depot to 3years Depot
Other features:
• Courier Collect or Depot Service:Parts and labor repair coverage where shipping (including packaging) or delivery to the repair center is paid by Lenovo.
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Producer product name:
3YR Depot
Producer product family:
warranty 5WS0A23813
ThinkPad E440, ThinkPad E460, ThinkPad E465, ThinkPad E470, ThinkPad E470c, ThinkPad E540, ThinkPad E560, ThinkPad E560p, ThinkPad E565, ThinkPad E570, ThinkPad E570c, ThinkPad Edge 11, ThinkPad Edge 120, ThinkPad Edge 125, ThinkPad Edge 13, ThinkPad Edge 14, ThinkPad Edge 14/E40, ThinkPad Edge 15, ThinkPad Edge 15/E50, ThinkPad Edge E130, ThinkPad Edge E135, ThinkPad Edge E145, ThinkPad Edge E220s (Sealed Battery), ThinkPad Edge E320, ThinkPad Edge E325, ThinkPad Edge E330, ThinkPad Edge E335, ThinkPad Edge E420, ThinkPad Edge E425, ThinkPad Edge E430, ThinkPad Edge E431, ThinkPad Edge E435, ThinkPad Edge E445, ThinkPad Edge E49, ThinkPad Edge E520, ThinkPad Edge E525, ThinkPad Edge E530/E530c, ThinkPad Edge E531, ThinkPad Edge E535, ThinkPad Edge E545, ThinkPad X121e
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0.00 kg
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0.20 kg
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