About Us (PC Expert  - Infosüsteemide OÜ) - founded in 1995

Main Areas Of Activity:

  • Computer salon (all hardware, Dell, HP, ML and Ordi partner; other manufacturers: Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Asus and many others)
  • IT equipment maintenance and repair
  • Premium servicing team
  • SAF accounting software
  • Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)
  • CompuCash retail system (Tartu Office)
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Microsoft various software solutions - servers (Microsoft Server, SQL, Exchange, ...), Office software (Office, Office 365)


Companies can subscribe all information technology solutions that they are interested in from one place. PC Expert professionals have passed through corresponding training and relevant exams. To provide customers with modern solutions PC Expert is a member of the Microsoft partner program. The Microsoft partner program members are independent companies who use Microsoft technologies with different-sized private and public sector clients in order to resolve business problems or increase opportunities. Partners use Microsoft software for value-added services such as systems integration, consulting, software customization, development of applications, e-business solutions, Web application development, technical training and support, and licensing. They are using Microsoft software to create and distribute various software and hardware solutions. Members of the Microsoft partner program are independent business units, who do not have any relationship with Microsoft, in the form of a joint venture business partner or representative office. PC Expert enterprises have "Microsoft Certified Partner" status. Areas of competence, we are certified by:

  • Silver Desktop
  • Silver OEM Hardware


PC expert brings together the following companies and partners:

A&Ü Majandustarkvara OÜ Since 1995 A&Ü Majandustarkvara OÜ is involved with the maintenance and resale of SAF accounting program as well as sales and 24-hour service of retail systems. Today A&Ü Majandustarkvara OÜ is parent company.

Infosüsteemide OÜ The company activity is most related to computers and computer sales and service. Infosüsteemide OÜ is a Dell, ML Novator and Ordi authorized dealer in South Estonia and our company is an authorized warranty partner of Ordi and ML Novator, by having the right to unmount computers and providing the warranty service carried out by the customer as Express guarantee. In addition, Infosüsteemide OÜ is MAX 123 AS and Servisa ICT Dell computers authorized warranty  representative and partner of Express (Dell NBD) quarantee in South-Estonia. Since 2008 A&Ü Majandustarkvara OÜ all activities are brought together to Infosüsteemide OÜ: SAF accounting system sales and maintenance, retail systems sales and 24-hour service, also sales and maintenance of information systems.



  • CWD OÜ - A Web-based information system Campus. Campus is online software system for tenants. It has been specialized for housing management that has short and long term rent contracts and it is a perfect system to be used for students housing.
  • Confemar OÜ (in Pärnu, Estonia) is an authorized reseller and warranty partner of ML Novator. Confemar OÜ is also engaged in the sales and 24-hour service of retail systems.
  • Columbus IT Partner is one of the biggest ERP, CRM and e-business solutions providers in Europe. Columbus IT Partner Estonia AS has largest force in the consultation, deployment and service of business solutions in Estonia.
  • PC Expert Plus OÜ


Our client may be sure that the customer is not offered only what he wants, but what he actually needs.

Our partners:


PC Expert is a member of Estonian Business Software Alliance:

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